Upcoming Equip Forum: Evangelism

by Scott Urbanek

Is there a scarier word in Christian language than evangelism? The thought of having to go up to a stranger, or talk with hostile family members is enough to make most Christians squirm. Or maybe, this word brings up bad memories. Maybe you experienced a street preacher that spewed condemnation and hatred. Regardless of our backgrounds, most of us have a difficult time with this word.

I think there is another problem, too… fear. I think that we fear what others will think, or we are afraid of being asked a question that we won’t know how to answer, or we’re fearful because we don’t even know how to take a conversation from normal to spiritual. I have experienced and still experience all of these fears. Sharing the gospel is scary. It always is.

So, what do we do about it? We could ignore this part of the Christian life and reduce our call to share the gospel to just bringing friends to church. Or we can abandon it all together. While bringing people to church is a great step, I believe that every Christian can get to a place where they have confidence in sharing the gospel. Will it be comfortable? Assuredly, not. But confident in what to say and that God can save, yes!

If you have been to Mercy Church any amount of time, you will soon realize that we are captured by the vision of seeing a gospel awakening in the city of Charlotte that will go to the ends of the earth. This means that on Sundays we challenge our people to share the gospel every week! We want to make disciples. It’s why we exist. We also know that if this is what we want to call our people to do, we must train them to do it.

Well, ask and you shall receive. We will be having our first ever Equip Forum this Thursday, October 26th, from 7:00 – 8:30pm. We will be training you on how to faithfully share the gospel. We will discuss why we share, how to share, common objections, and ultimately equipping you to be confident in sharing the gospel. By the end of this Equip Forum, you will have all the tools you need faithfully share the gospel.

Come and get trained!

Parents, childcare is available. Please RSVP for your children here.