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Day of Prayer & Fasting

Day of Prayer & Fasting

Today, February 20 Mercy Church will be observing a day of prayer and fasting. In light of that, I wanted to provide both a why and how to help guide you through today, which is why this email has two parts. The first is an article I wrote to Mercy Church last year...

Using Halloween to Build Relationships in Your Community

Using Halloween to Build Relationships in Your Community

Every once in a while, culture gives us an easy opportunity to meet people and build relationships. For example, Super Bowl parties are one of the easiest ways to invite friends and neighbors to our homes in the hopes of building friendships. This being true, I...

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Member Care

We believe care and support are provided best through biblical community in community groups. These are the relationships we encourage you to pursue Christ with and receive care in. However, there are times we may need specialized, focused care for a particular season of life or struggle. Alongside community groups, we provide a number of resources to care for our members.