The Upside Down Kingdom

A Series on The Beatitudes in Matthew 5

Whether chasing the blessed, happy, or good life, we all spend time, emotion, and money pursuing a "better" life. We all want to live a life where we wake up with peace in our hearts instead of anxiety, gladness instead of despair, and hope instead of hopelessness. Through the Beatitudes, the opening section of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, Jesus teaches postures and rhythms that will flip our lives upside down, change us for the better, and unlock the way to living a full life in an empty world. Join us as we spend eight weeks covering the twelve verses that make up the Beatitudes!

The Upside Down Kingdom

The Upside Down Kingdom – An Introduction

by Spence Shelton

Pastor Spence introduces us to “The Beatitudes”- the short teaching of Jesus found just before his famous Sermon on The Mount. Over the next eight weeks, we will learn about one beatitude each week, but to begin, we must learn about their purpose and power as a whole.