New Sermon Series This Weekend: Esther

by Spence Shelton

This weekend we are launching into a new series here at Mercy Church where we are going to be walking through the incredible story found in the book of Esther. While only 10 chapters long, this is one of the most dynamic, Oscar-worthy stories in all of scripture. And there are two things that will stand out:
1) The certainty that God is not absent when he seems silent, and
2) How God loves to use imperfect but willing people to carry out his perfect plan
Esther is one of the best known Old Testament books, still read annually in most Synagogues. And, on a personal note, this is the namesake for my youngest daughter, Hadassah. The courageous yet flawed main character of this story points us to the power of God to use imperfect but willing people for his glory. I’m so excited for the hope this story can bring to people who feel like God is silent. I’m excited for the purpose and vision it can bring to Christians who’ve been going through the motions. And I’m excited for the work God is going to do through his Word to bring people to saving faith in him.
Below you will find an orientation of sorts to the story of Esther. It is a fantastic 10 minute video by the team over at The Bible Project.
See you Sunday!