College Student, Don’t Miss City Project 2016

by Scott Urbanek

At Mercy Church, we believe that our success is not measured by our seating capacity, but by our sending capacity. Jesus came for us to save and send us, and as a response, we want to equip and send disciples of Jesus into our city and the world.

College students, this includes you! We want to provide opportunities for you to grow deeply in your faith in Jesus, connect with meaningful, gospel-centered community, and to experience firsthand the mission of God. Now is the time for us as a church to equip you to leverage the rest of your life for the mission of God. That is why we are partnering with Mercy Hill Church in Greensboro, NC to bring you City Project, an eight-week discipleship opportunity where you will learn how the gospel impacts every aspect of life and how to be a disciple who makes disciples!

This is a chance to spend two months (May 31 – July 31) being immersed in the local church and cities around the globe. Each person will travel to New York City for one week to engage Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists with the gospel. The middle of the summer includes several weeks in Greensboro receiving practical theological and ministry training by pastors at Mercy Hill Church. During this time, you will learn to effectively share the gospel and give your life away to the city of Greensboro, NC in response to the gospel through internships with local ministries and members of the Mercy Hill Staff. During the last two weeks of the summer, you will travel abroad to serve in an international context alongside Summit Church Planters. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the mission of God, develop a heart and mind for God, and better understand what it means to leverage one’s entire life for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Would you consider putting your “yes” on the table and finding out what God has for your summer? See how one of our UNCC students, Trey Williford, decided to pursue God’s call to seek His kingdom first by attending City Project this summer.

When: May 31 – July 31, 2016
Where: During City Project, students will spend one week serving in New York City, several weeks training, learning, and serving in Greensboro, and two weeks in an international context in Peru, India, Montreal, Spain and Indonesia.
Next Steps: You can find out more about City Project here, or download the applications below. To apply, you will need the application and 2 reference forms. Applications are due on February 3, 2016.