Upcoming Trips

If you have any questions about these trips or the application process please contact our Missions Mobilization Resident Garren Stewart at Garren@mercycharlotte.com


Dates: February 13-22, 2020

Join us as we partner with our long-term partners and church planters in Athens, Greece to engage Central Asian refugees in this strategic mission field. Along with sharing the gospel to some of the most unreached people groups in the world, we will encourage our church planters and live everyday life with them. Come be a part of what God is doing in Athens!

Estimated Trip Cost: $2325

Applications and $100 Deposit Due: December 31, 2019


Dates: TBD, 2020

Since 1990 there has been a gospel awakening on the island of Cuba. We are seeking to come alongside Cuban leaders to help with the advancement of church planting on their island. We will do that by assisting them with evangelism outreaches in cities and towns.

Estimated Trip Cost: $1500

Application and $100 Deposit Due: February 29, 2020


Dates: June 7-13, 2020

In NYC, we will serve a missions organization called Global Gates. They seek to reach unreached people groups who have moved to the U.S. On this trip, you will receive expert training on how to share the gospel with Muslims, Hindu’s, Buddhists, and then get to spend time sharing the gospel with those same people. Global Gates seeks to plant churches in NYC among these unreached peoples. Please join us in serving this strategic partner.

Estimated Trip Cost: $1000

Application and $100 Deposit Due: March 1, 2020 


Dates: September 3-12, 2020

Join our partners in South Asia as they share the Gospel and work to plant churches among the unreached. During your time overseas you will share the Gospel, prayer walk, and meet with local believers. Experience South Asian culture by visiting temples, markets, and malls all with the intent of sharing the Good News with people you encounter! It will be an amazing opportunity to see the global church and be a part of what God is doing among South Asian people!

Estimated Trip Cost: $2500

Application and $100 Deposit Due: March 1, 2020


Dates: October 1-10, 2020

Join our partners in Dublin as they work to make Christ known in the city. While you are there you will share the Gospel with college students on campus and canvas the surrounding area inviting people to attend our local partners’ church. This is a great trip to practice sharing the Gospel and making Christ known among college students.

Estimated Trip Cost: $1500

Application and $100 Deposit Due: April 1, 2020