Planting Mercy Church Week 4: Doorholders

by Spence Shelton

Some time ago I heard Louie Giglio, a pastor in ATL, call himself and all of his church members “doorholders.” Its a way to say we are all servants, pastors included. I think one of the biggest adjustments from coming out of a large church where I had a bigger support structure is being responsible for the small tasks like doorholding. Literally 2 weeks ago as our team members were arriving I was standing at the front door. Holding it open. So they felt welcomed as they arrived to worship with the Mercy family. This week it was unlocking bathrooms and delivering sound equipment. Now, the really cool thing is that we have a whole host of mercy people serving as “doorholders” week-in-week-out so I am more talking about plugging a hole than I am about filling a weekly role. Because remember, I serve at the best church in the world you’ve never heard of.

I love serving with our church. To be candid, I can be a prideful guy. I probably needed to be knocked down a few pegs. This season is doing that. At the end of the day, I’m another doorholder for Mercy Church. If all I do is preach at our church instead of model jesus with our church, I’m not a shepherd. I’m a diva. And I refuse to be a diva.

No admin assistant to pass tasks off to, no 6 person full time staff team to pull half-day strategy sessions with. We are a nimble, quickly growing movement with low overhead and high energy. And as long as I’m willing to hold a door, I’m gonna love it.