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What is IT?

Starting Point is a great first step to connect with the life and family of Mercy Church.  It is a short, 30 min informational session that will resource you with the basics of who we are as a church, how we seek to follow Jesus in our daily lives, as well as give you information about how to get involved with serving and community.

If you would like to serve with a Ministry Team, connect with a Community Group, get baptized, or if you have questions about what it means to follow Jesus, then Starting Point is a great next step for you!  Starting Point is the best way to get to know the heartbeat of our church and is especially beneficial for those who are interested in pursuing covenant membership.


We value church membership and we believe that membership is a biblical way to grow together in the midst of a committed church family.  While Starting Point is a prerequisite for becoming a Covenant Member of Mercy Church, Starting Point attendees are not required to become Covenant Members.  If you are interested in becoming a Covenant Member, please visit the Membership page to learn more about our membership process and register for our next Membership Class!