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welcome to mercykids!

MercyKids exists to equip and encourage parents as they fulfill their calling to raise disciples who love God, love each other, and love our world. Our desire is to build relationships with families and it is our hope that kids see the beauty of the Gospel and choose to follow Christ with their whole lives

Join us for MercyKids Outside!

Begins October 4th! For more information and instructions on how to register, see the What to Expect section below!

Join Us on the Discipleship Pathway

Enter our virtual classroom by clicking on any shape icon below. The black dots open ongoing resources for book recommendations, age-appropriate Bible recommendations, and resources for spiritual, social/emotional, and educational development.

The shape icons along the MercyKids road are a pathway filled with tools for discipleship; a family equip forum of sorts. There is no set pace for you to access and use these resources, simply click “start here” to begin your journey. Find the materials and rhythms that work best for the context of your family and strive for consistency…celebrate the small wins, knowing that those are exactly the type of wins that lead to bigger wins with consistency and over time.

We truly believe discipleship happens best in relationship. We would love to connect with you through the Prayer and Praise icon on the classroom page or you are welcomed to contact any member of the MercyKids Leadership Team directly. Additionally, we encourage you to connect with other families in your Community Group who are walking along the discipleship pathway. Not in a Community Group? Click here to learn more and join a group!

Help your kids follow along with the sermon by downloading our Growing in Worship Sheet!

What to Expect

Currently, our MercyKids environments are in a phased reopening process. Each weekend, we seek to engage every child with the gospel. We do this with fun and age-appropriate activities that demonstrate what it means to love God, love each other, and love our world. 

MercyKids Outside

MercyKids Outside is an optional, kid-centric service on our playground for kids who are completely potty trained through fifth grade. This service will run simultaneously with the main service and will include worship, games, a lesson, free play, and more.

MercyKids takes the health and well-being of the kids in our care seriously. That said, the leadership of MercyKids also has expectations of caregivers; especially during this COVID-19 crisis. Parents, guardians, or caretakers are expected to ensure that children will be screened for wellness prior to arrival in MercyKids. This screening should include checking for the following concerning symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • (New) Cough
  • (New) Loss of Taste or Smell

If your child has exhibited any of these symptoms in the last 48 hours, please do not drop them off in MercyKids.

MercyKids will implement and adhere to the following safety protocols in our outside service:

  • children will be required to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer upon entering the MercyKids space
  • children will be encouraged to wear a mask but wearing a mask will not be enforced
  • children will be encouraged to social distance themselves from one another, but social distancing will not be enforced

To register for MercyKids outside, simply complete your main service RSVP form and indicate your interest in the kid’s service. You will receive a follow-up email and the registration form for MercyKids Outside.

If the MercyKids Outside service isn’t right for your child, we encourage you to attend our main service, where children are always welcomed and their attendance celebrated! We have age-appropriate KidsKits at our MercyKids table near the Main Entrance doors to help your child engage with the main service content. Additionally, if you choose to engage online, make sure to check out the Growing in Worship sheet for kids, this “fill-in-the-blank” style worksheet helps your kids listen and learn from our sermon content each week.

Regardless of how you choose to attend on Sunday – in MercyKids Outside, at our main in-person gathering, or Mercy Online – we look forward to seeing you then!

Family Devotionals

At MercyKids we do our best to love on, guide, and share the gospel with each of your kids, week-in and week-out. But we believe that we are only partners in shepherding your child’s heart. Our desire is to give you tools to have devotionals, conversations, and nights of worship at home so that you can be the main disciple makers. 

If your child is old enough, encourage them to begin reading their own bible during your family devotions. This is a great way to get them involved. Our prayer is that the home would be a place of significant spiritual growth and joy for your children, and we want to partner with you in making this a reality.