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Becoming more like Jesus together

Community Groups exist to become more like Jesus together through regular gathering, shared devotion, and sacrificial love.

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Why does mercy have community groups?

The gospel not only offers us eternal reconciliation with the Father; it also invites us into eternal community with others (Ephesians 2:13-14). Following Jesus means walking with other followers (Philippians 1:27), loving the Father requires loving brothers and sisters (1 John 4:21), and becoming like Christ involves belonging to a church (Ephesians 4:4-16).

At Mercy Church, community group is the main context in which we practice this fellowship. Community groups exist to become more like Jesus together through shared devotion, regular gathering, and sacrificial love.

what should I expect?

Community groups are small gatherings of people of all ages. Each group meets one night per week for Bible study, prayer, and mutual encouragement. And, like any family, these groups also care for one another throughout the week.

how do I get connected?

Step 1: Look at the Group Map and find a group close to you.

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Covenant Membership | Included within the requirement of covenant membership is the expectation that the leader will be a devoted follower of Jesus who walks with him faithfully.

Above Reproach | Leaders must not be walking in egregious or unrepentant sin, that, if known, would disqualify them from leadership. This does not mean leaders need be perfect. When leaders sin, they repent, confess, and take serious action to move away from their sin.

Able to Teach | Leaders are expected to have a good enough grasp of Scripture that they can guide conversation toward a faithful interpretation. Leaders must believe that the Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God. They must be able to discern sound theology and false teaching.

Hospitable & Relational | Leaders must be able to create a warm and hospitable environment for their community, and they must have a track record of having deep relationships with other believers.

Faithful & Responsible | Leaders should be organized, consistent, and diligent to follow through. Leading a group is more than administration, but it does require communication with members, preparation for group meetings, and follow up with members’ needs. If you are in a particularly unstable season of life, you should not apply for community group leadership.





1 | Read the Qualifications for Group Leaders

2 | Complete the Community Group Leader Application

3 | Attend New Community Group Leader Training

4 | Pray: Discern and Pray with the Group Staff about Your Next Steps

5 | Follow Through in Leading a Group or Serving in Another Capacity


Still have questions about group leadership? Email our Groups and Equip Coordinator, Cori Little, at