Groups Pastors Learning Cohort

Groups Pastors Learning Cohort

by Spence Shelton


SN-LogoWhen my friend Trevor Joy and I teamed up to write a book on community, we were doing it because many men and women had begun to ask us “how do you do small groups at your church?” And we wanted to be able to answer them better than we could in just a 30 minute conference call or during an hour over lunch. We both believe making disciples is the heartbeat of any healthy church and we share a passion for seeing that happen. Since the book’s release we’ve had the privilege of helping more and more churches build strategies for long-term health instead of just patching holes in their existing system.

After some recent reflection, we believe there is a space between the 1 on 1 phone call aVillage Churchnd the conference breakout session for fostering a mutual learning environment among groups pastors. This is why Trevor and I are hosting a 1.5 day learning cohort on July 23-24 in Dallas, TX.

This is a partnership effort between the Village Church and The Summit Network.

This cohort is only open to 10 people so that we can get around a table and a whiteboard together and really work through the theology, philosophy, and methodology that drives your ministry. Our 1.5 day time together will be followed up by a coaching call a month later just to make sure you are doing ok as you get ready for the fall rush!

Trevor and I have served in every size ministry you can think of. He was in a church plant and then became a part of the Village Church that grew into a large church requiring adaptable systems. I’ve been a part of the Summit Church since it was 300 people with a Sunday School model. Over the past 10 years I’ve helped transition & build what we needed as we grew to the large church we now are. And now I’m going to be a church planter!

Bottom line, I think you will have a friendly ear familiar with your situation no matter where your church is right now. If you want to join us, email me at and I will forward you the nitty gritty details.