good, great


WE hope these resources bless you

Welcome to the Good, Great resources page. This album was born out of our local church here in Charlotte, NC. It’s a record of songs we’ve been singing over the last few years about what God has been doing in our midst. The songs have become anthems for us to remember the goodness of God to us. We also know these songs carry universal truths about who God is and the depths of the grace of Jesus on us, so we believe that these songs could be a blessing to you and your ministry.  In light of that, we wanted to list some helpful resources below to help you carry these songs into your ministry. 

Song Charts & Lyrics

We have created a song chart for each song on the album so that you can more easily learn them and start playing them in your own church and ministry. 

How Has good, great impacted you?

If this album has helped you to discover new truths about God, to help you overcome a struggle, to deepen your relationship with the Lord, or any number of other things, we would love to hear your experience. Also, if you have any questions about the songs, if you want to dig further into the theology behind them,  or know where a lyric came from, or need help transferring it to keys, just reach out below.