Your guide to fasting well

Weekly Fasting Guide

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why are we fasting?

Mercy Church’s call to fasting lines up with the liturgical season known as Lent. Lent is a time set aside by the church for prayer and fasting during the weeks leading up to Easter. Lent was instituted by the early church as a way of commemorating Jesus’ fast in Matthew 4 before he began his public ministry.  It also serves as an intentional time for God’s people to reorient themselves to who or what they depend on for provision, security, and safety. This season will be a time for us to remember that what we need most cannot be purchased or earned through our own works.

what is fasting?

In scripture, we are shown time and time again that when God’s people wanted to express their desperation for God, they prayed as they fasted. The people of God are a praying people from the beginning to the end of scripture. In addition to their constant prayerfulness, there are moments of intense longing where the authors of scripture make a point to tell us their prayers were accompanied by fasting. Fasting is a way God’s people express their dependence on God as they seek him in prayer.

how do i fast well?

As a church, we are committing to praying and fasting during one meal each Wednesday until April 9, Easter Sunday. Although this will be our collective plan as a church, fasting from food is not required, nor is fasting on Wednesdays only. We encourage you to determine in what capacity you will fast with us in this season. Additionally, we’ve created a weekly guide that will provide you with:

  • weekly passages of scripture to prepare your heart for prayer and fasting
  • prayer prompts to help you pray in line with Mercy’s mission of making disciples who love God, love each other, and love our world

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So, will you commit to pray and fast with us this season as we seek the face of God together?