Digging Deeper into Jonah

by Spence Shelton

I am so excited to dive into the book of Jonah together over these next few weeks. As we go along I’ll be posting resources here to the blog that I think will be helpful for you as we dig into the book of Jonah together. We’ll also be posting weekly study guides to our Sermons page (under “Extras” for each message) for community groups to use to help you work through each chapter. Here’s Week 1 to get you started!

This is a great introduction by Tim Mackie, who holds a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies and teaches at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. Seriously, you can learn so much about Jonah in these few minutes:

If you are looking for a resource to dive deeper into Jonah with others, here is a study I had the joy to work on with J.D. Greear, a mentor and friend of mine.



I hope these enhance your study of Jonah individually and in your community groups!