This weekend we looked at the beginning of the fourth chapter of James (James 4:1-12). James gives his audience a sobering warning about their worldliness. They are pridefully fighting with one another, and James shows them what is really going on in their hearts. They are quarreling with one another because their hearts are pridefully loving the world instead of humbly serving God. James is holding up the mirror and reminding them who they are as Christians.

We all fight, but James gives us the great hopeĀ in our fighting. We usually fight because an idol is being threatened, but God never quits on us. Instead, “He gives more grace” (James 4:6). When we are filled with the grace of God and look to Him for our contentment rather than our idols, we can seek to value the other person over what we are fighting for. As you meet with your group this week, be sure to share the step you are taking in this area.

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