This week in our study of the book of James, we looked at how the implanted Word of God in our hearts can bring good fruit. The Word of God both gives us humility to battle against our pride, and shows us how we can grow into the image of Christ that God is calling us towards. This week, our Community Groups will examine further how God’s word is necessary as our food, and how it changes our lives.

In order for us to be doers of the word and not just hearers, we must continually read and meditate on the Word of God. Our challenge to you this week is to read all of James over the course of next week.

Option #1 – Read through the entire book of James in one sitting.
Option #2 – Read one chapter of James each day:

  • Monday – James 1
  • Tuesday – James 2
  • Wednesday – James 3
  • Thursday – James 4
  • Friday – James 5

To further help you grow in the discipline of reading scripture, we have included two great Bible reading plan resources for you. Encourage one another within your Community Group as you grow in making this a daily habit!

Community Group Guide
Leader Guide
Sermon Manuscript

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