Many people think the Bible is a collection of inspirational stories filled with moral examples for us to imitate, but in Genesis 38 we see that the moral of the story of Judah and Tamar is actually much the same as many Bible stories: morals will never save you. You will never be close to God simply through good morals. We find, instead, that the theme of Genesis 38 is more about the grace of God breaking through into the lives of people who would otherwise sink under their brokenness and sin.

As we continue our For Our Good series, we are diving into the story of Judah and Tamar where we encounter a bizarre story about the corrupting power of sin in our lives. Sin, especially sexual sin, causes overwhelming destruction. However, in the midst of this destruction, we have an atoning sacrifice to make all things new! The truth of the Gospel can and will break down all the destruction of sin. God shows us that he always has a greater plan to bring forth good and that he will ultimately overcome sin to accomplish his purposes.

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