Hey Mercy Church!

This weekend, we will be kicking off a new series called Together: Life in the Family, where we will be looking at how the family of Christ exceeds all other forms of family, and what that means for our relationships with each other. We’ll explore how Christ redefines family, the open invitation that Christ gives us into His family, and see the beautiful picture of biblical community that He gives to us.

Each week, we will post Member and Leader group study guides to go along with the sermons. These group study guides are meant to help you learn and apply the truths of Scripture to your life right now, both individually and with your ┬ácommunity group. To get the most from these guides, work through it on your own before gathering with your community group. If you aren’t in a community group, consider attending the next Starting Point at Mercy Church, where you can take the next steps to connect with a community group in your area. RSVP at mercycharlotte.com/connect.

You can use the following links to download the study guides and sermon manuscript for the weekend of January 10:

Sermon Manuscript: Together – The Family of Jesus
Together: Life in the Family, Part I – The Jesus Family (Leader Guide)
Together: Life in the Family, Part I – The Jesus Family (Group Guide)