MercEphesians- Mystery of Christ logoy Church is up and running! Our opening sermon series is taking a look at Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. A letter written to a young church trying to figure out church life in a city largely hostile to it’s very presence. While the temperature hasn’t reached ‘open hostility’ yet in Charlotte, it certainly is a city where an increasing number are keeping a skeptical eye on the local church. This letter is slam packed with theology and its implications for so many areas of life. So, we thought we’d start here. Normally we’d post our sermon transcripts to our website but our website is undergoing renovation right now. So, for the short term, I’m going to link those here to this post. Because we have one service, many in the mercy family miss the service every other week in order to serve our members and guests. So, we are posting these here for them. Of course, we hope they are a blessing as a resource to you as well.

  • Original photo cred to Ross Roberts, a brother of one of our members. Series design & Study Guide design cred to Mercy Member Josie Degler. She’s got skills, check her out.