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Sermon On The Mount: A New Kind Of Obedience

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus shows us that what we really need in our relationship with God is not just more obedience, but a whole new kind of obedience - an outflow of his love, not a search for it.

What If We Revitalized 100 Churches in 30 Years?

What If We Revitalized 100 Churches in 30 Years?

On Sunday, March 11th, Mercy Church will be holding its worship services at another church here in our city. I felt like it might be good to take some space to talk how we got here and what our hopes are from here. How We Got Here: Humility, Patience, & Partnership...

Women’s Retreat 2018: No More Lies

Women’s Retreat 2018: No More Lies

Ladies, my husband tells me that most men have a “nothing box”, a compartment of thought where they can tune out the world and think of nothing. I have yet to meet a woman who shares this trait. Even in moments of quiet or rest, thoughts seem to roll around in our...

Overcoming Depression and Anxiety: Resources

Overcoming Depression and Anxiety: Resources

Brad Hambrick serves as the Pastor of Counseling at The Summit Church in Durham, NC. He also serves as Instructor of Biblical Counseling at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, a council member of the Biblical Counseling Coalition, and has authored several books...


Mercy Worship exists to glorify God by celebrating the gospel of Jesus (Rom. 11:32), wondering at the glory of God (Rom. 11:33-36), and exhorting Mercy Church to respond in worship of the one true God (Rom. 12:1-2, 8). Music is an especially impactful and intriguing form for worship and is a vehicle designed well for carrying God’s praises. 

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We believe that generosity with one’s finances should flow out of and be a response to a heart changed by the gospel. We also believe that systematic, regular giving to God’s mission is a mark of someone growing as a follower of Jesus.

Therefore, we want to do everything we can to help make your giving purposeful and consistent as a response to what Jesus has done in your life.