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Titus: Believing For The Long Haul

Road trips are fun experiences, but long hauls are life changing decisions. Here we walk through a letter that the apostle Paul wrote to a young pastor instructing him in how to help the people of his church develop a faith that is built for the long haul.

Mercy’s Next Chapter In A Gospel Awakening In Charlotte

Mercy’s Next Chapter In A Gospel Awakening In Charlotte

Our Vision “A gospel awakening here in Charlotte that gets carried to the ends of the earth.” That has been our vision since we planted Mercy Church in the fall of 2015. Charlotte is a city filled with church buildings, yet those buildings and the gospel they once...

Serve Week | New Strength

Serve Week | New Strength

The following guest post was written by Mercy Church member, Kim Leazer. One of the ministries Mercy Church is partnering with for this Serve Week is New Strength Homes (NSH).  This is a ministry I have been personally involved with for three years and have been...

Serve Week | Scripture and a Street

Serve Week | Scripture and a Street

The following guest post was written by Mercy Church member, Sam Carson. Driving through the streets of Charlotte, I gain a deep and acute awareness of brokenness and poverty. But not solely speaking of the cracked sidewalks and overgrown lawns in this busy Charlotte...


Mercy Worship exists to glorify God by celebrating the gospel of Jesus (Rom. 11:32), wondering at the glory of God (Rom. 11:33-36), and exhorting Mercy Church to respond in worship of the one true God (Rom. 12:1-2, 8). Music is an especially impactful and intriguing form for worship and is a vehicle designed well for carrying God’s praises. 

See Mercy Worship’s newest release, and find out what we’re currently singing at Mercy Church.


We believe that generosity with one’s finances should flow out of and be a response to a heart changed by the gospel. We also believe that systematic, regular giving to God’s mission is a mark of someone growing as a follower of Jesus.

Therefore, we want to do everything we can to help make your giving purposeful and consistent as a response to what Jesus has done in your life.