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Letter from Pastor Spence

As you all know, we have been planning to launch our Providence Road campus on September 15-16. Well, a few days ago we hit a construction roadblock that is causing a delay. I want you to know that our teams have done everything by the book, and we have great professionals who have been overseeing this project since day one. Here is the short version: Mecklenburg County recently requested some more information, and we are cooperating with them in order to get them everything they need. Due to these delays, we are going to have to push back the launch of our new campus.

We are continuing to do our best to comply with city standards, and we should have an idea for an official timeline within the next few months. Practically, this means that we will have to continue to serve our people well on Sunday mornings by squeezing into Levine as best as we can. Lastly, I want to remind you all that there is no need for fear. What do we know to be true? The Lord loves his church way more than we do. He’s going to protect it, and we are not going to slow down no matter what obstacles are thrown in our direction. We believe that the church is an offensive strategy to storm the gates of hell – no building mishaps are going to slow us down from that. So let’s GO!!

LAUNCHing September 15th & 16th

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